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Pro-Symphonic Series
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Pro-Symphonic Series timpani are professional, high-quality instruments for those preferring a conventional sized head. All other aspects of the top-of-the-range Elite timpani are mirrored in the Pro-Symphonic: the hand-spun, parabolic, polished and lacquered copper bowls are the industry superlative for sound. The bowl is also freely supported so that none of this sound quality is lost.

There is a foot-operated fine-tuning wheel that can shift or fractionally adjust pitch within each timpani’s range of one seventh.  The perfectly balanced link rods from pedal to head deliver equal pull and release for silent and measured tuning. Castors are braked and height adjustable to enable slope adjustment. The Premier action pedal grip rod benefits from newly introduced centre-less polishing, finished off with chrome plated safety stop. The felt-lined counterhoop and tension bolts are also chrome plated, ensuring this instrument is of the highest quality down to the smallest details.

Many timpanists choose Premier Pro-Symphonic timpani for their excellent sound when played with synthetic heads.


  • 5722 
    22.5” Copper Bowl (C3B3)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 28” / 71cm  
    Weight: 68lb / 31kg   Struts: 6
  • 5725 
    25” Copper Bowl (A2 – G#3)  
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 31” / 79cm  
    Weight: 75lb / 34kg   Struts: 6
  • 5728 
    28” Copper Bowl (F2E3)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 34” / 87cm  
    Weight: 77lb / 35kg   Struts: 6
  • 5730 
    30” Copper Bowl (D2 – C#3)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 36” / 92cm  
    Weight: 97lb / 44kg   Struts: 8
  • 5732 
    32” Copper Bowl (C2B2)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 38” / 97cm  
    Weight: 101lb / 46kg   Struts: 8

International or German set-up available. When ordering German gauge position, add OPP to the code. For example 5722OPP.

Tuning ranges are nominal and depend on how well the instrument is set up, the age of the heads, the type of head, manufacturing tolerances and atmospheric conditions. If you are having flight cases made for the instruments, remember to allow for the protruding pedal and gauge.


  • Suspended parabolic copper bowl - Hand spun and polished mirror finish parabolic copper bowl
  • Foot operated fine-tuner, allowing additional and accurate adjustment of the overall tuning
  • Premier pedal action, smooth, simple and accurate
  • Extremely durable wearing frame, powder-coated struts and base
  • Precision radial rods gauged for consistent pull and alignment
  • Bearing edge carefully waxed, smoothed and polished to provide a precise tuning action
  • Chrome plated counterhoop with insulating felt lining
  • Easy adjustable tuning gauge
  • Height adjustable braked castors
  • Renaissance heads by Remo USA, for a sound of the highest quality
  • Supplied with deluxe cover and tuning key

Premier Percussion