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The next generation of pedal timpani

Premier is renowned the world over for producing exceptional pedal timpani – it has been part of the company’s story for over 70 years and the unique characteristics of these instruments continue to be the reason why so many world-class orchestras, principal timpanists, concert halls and schools choose this iconic brand.

Now, Premier introduces the next generation of Concert Series pedal timpani. Another masterful blend of engineering and design DNA, with features and a quality of performance that is unmatched.

A host of refinements, including an improved pedal action, fibreglass bowls and international sizing, ensures these new pedal timpani are as good to look at they are to perform with.

Fibreglass parabolic bowl

Created to Premier's exacting standards, parabolic bowls produce darker, more natural tones making them much preferred for orchestral use. The precision manufacturing process ensure a consistent wall thickness whilst the curve of the parabola is such that the soundwaves are reflected through a single point.

A lightweight alternative to copper, fibreglass bowls offer lots of volume, excellent response and uncompromised sound quality. Ideal for portability or where budget is a consideration.

International sizing

A 12" span throughout the entire range offers better tonal quality and greater flexibility.

Angled tuning gauge

The angled 'Shield' tuning gauge works directly from the pedal for maximum accuracy. Easy to set and see. Can be fitted on the left or right of the instrument (German or International method.)

2" oversized counterhoop

The combination of oversized counterhoop and extended head size gives outstanding resonance and projection over an increased tuning range.

Premier Remo Renaissance heads

Offers warm, dark, focussed tones, with dynamic sensitivity, enchanced articulation and full-range projection whilst an aluminium insert ring adds tuning stability.


  • TCP20F
    20" Fibreglass Bowl
    Range: E3 - C4
    Height: 81cm
    Width: 68cm
    Length: 82cm
  • TCP23F
    23" Fibreglass Bowl
    Range: C3 - A3
    Height: 81cm
    Width: 75cm
    Length: 85cm
  • TCP26F
    26" Fibreglass Bowl
    Range: A2 - F3
    Height: 81cm
    Width: 82cm
    Length: 89cm
  • TCP29F
    29" Fibreglass Bowl
    Range: F2 - D3
    Height: 81cm
    Width: 90cm
    Length: 93cm
  • TCP32F
    32" Fibreglass Bowl
    Range: D2 - B2
    Height: 81cm
    Width: 96cm
    Length: 96cm


  • Fibreglass parabolic bowl
  • International sizing - 20" 23", 26", 29" and 32"
  • Improved pedal action
  • Angled tuning gauge
  • 2" oversized counterhoop
  • Powder-coated counterhoop
  • Premier Remo Renaissance heads
  • Retooled timpani frame
  • Precision radial rods for consistent pull and alignment
  • Large, non-slip rubber pedal
  • German set-up option
  • Height adjustable braked castons
  • Half-drop cover and tuning key included

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