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  • Concert Counterhoop
  • Counterhoop Felt
  • Suspension Ring Felt
  • PTFE Tape - 30m Roll
  • Standard Lever Link
  • Bell Crank
  • Bell Crank Pin
  • Tuning Gauge
  • Indices
  • Tuning Gauge Rails
  • Tuning Gauge Indicator Link
  • Tuning Gauge Indicator
  • Standard Link Rod
  • Standard Clutch
  • Grip Rod Stop & Screw
  • Release Fork
  • Pedal Locknut
  • Standard Pedal
  • Rubber Pedal Cover
  • Pedal Arms
  • Link Rod Connecting Block & Roller
  • Grip Rod Pivot
  • Pedal To Base Link
  • Inner & Outer Collars
  • Roller
  • Green Rubber Stop
  • Concert Castor
  • Pivot Screw
  • Standard Balance Rod
  • Timpani Bolt Washer
  • Timpani Bolt & Washer


Premier’s Concert Series aluminium timpani provide a lighter-weight alternative to the copper bowl model, which is very useful where timpani have to be moved around to different rooms and locations. However, the aluminium bowl still provides excellent projection and sound quality. They are also very well priced for organisations where budget is a primary consideration.

This series is very popular in schools and colleges, where instruments are often moved around from classroom to concert hall and are played by numerous students at all stages of their musical education. The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, for example, have always played Premier timpani. The Concert Series timpani are also popular in brass and wind ensembles where a budget may be in place and for whom frequent transport is a consideration.

To maximize its acoustic capabilities, every Concert Series timpani is fitted with an opaque Remo head, and a felt-lined, powder-coated counterhoop. The base casting is a single piece, as are the leg struts so any interference through rattling parts is avoided. The perfectly balanced radial rods deliver soundless tuning when tensioning and slackening the head by means of the trademark Premier action pedal.

The easy-to-read tuning gauge can be adjusted for German or International set-ups and represents the range of one sixth available across each timpani.


  • 5352 
    22.5” Aluminium Bowl (C3A3)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 28” / 71cm  
    Weight: 62lb / 28kg   Struts: 6
  • 5355 
    25” Aluminium Bowl (A2 – F#3)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 31” / 79cm  
    Weight: 66lb / 30kg   Struts: 6
  • 5358 
    28” Aluminium Bowl (F2D3)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 34” / 87cm  
    Weight: 79lb / 36kg   Struts: 6
  • 5360 
    30” Aluminium Bowl (D2B2)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 36” / 92cm  
    Weight: 82lb / 37kg   Struts: 8
  • 5362 
    32” Aluminium Bowl (C2A2)
    Height: 32” / 81cm   Overall Diameter: 38” / 97cm  
    Weight: 86lb / 39kg   Struts: 8


International or German set-up available. When ordering German gauge position, add OPP to the code. For example 5352OPP.

Tuning ranges are nominal and depend on how well the instrument is set up, the age of the heads, the type of head, manufacturing tolerances and atmospheric conditions. If you are having flight cases made for the instruments, remember to allow for the protruding pedal and gauge.


  • Suspended aluminium bowl
  • Premier pedal action, uniquely designed; an identical feature to that found on both Elite and Pro-Symphonic Series
  • Extremely durable wearing frame, powder-coated struts and base
  • Precision radial rods gauged for consistent pull and alignment
  • Bearing edge carefully waxed, smoothed, and polished to provide a precise tuning action
  • Power-coated counterhoop with insulating felt lining
  • Braked castors
  • Opaque heads by Remo USA, providing a great sound
  • Supplied with tuning key

Premier Percussion