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  • Orchestral Claw Hook
  • Bass Turnbuckle
  • 140mm Tension Bolt
  • Orchestral Bass Drum Lug
  • Orchestral 36 Bass Drum Hoops
  • 36 Bass Drum Hoop
  • Hoop Locator Clip


Premier orchestral bass drums can be heard in theatres, concert halls, conservatoires and schools all around the world. Its birch shell with internal support hoop delivers an unrivalled, rich and penetrating sound.

With a choice of high-tension die-cast lugs for a comprehensive range of tuning possibilities or the new turnbuckle system allowing equal tuning on both sides.


  • 0166  
    36” x 16” Orchestral Bass Drum
  • 0176  
    36” x 16” Turnbuckle Orchestral Bass Drum


  • 4mm with 4.8mm support hoop birch shell, internally lacquered
  • Choice of three, gloss lacquer finishes
  • Renaissance drumheads by Remo, USA

Premier Percussion