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Concert Toms
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Premier’s concert toms are designed for theatres and concert halls around the world. Featuring 6-ply birch shells and a premium lacquer finish, these concert toms are available in a range of eight sizes, delivering a fantastic punch from the deepest to the highest tone. Perfect for all musical performances.


  • 6706DW  
    6” x 7” Concert Tom
  • 6708DW  
    8” x 8” Concert Tom
  • 6710DW  
    10” x 9” Concert Tom
  • 6712DW  
    12” x 10” Concert Tom
  • 6713DW  
    13” x 11” Concert Tom
  • 6714DW  
    14” x 12” Concert Tom
  • 6715DW  
    15” x 13” Concert Tom
  • 6716DW  
    16” x 14” Concert Tom


  • 6-ply lacquered birch shell
  • Stunning dark walnut lacquer finish
  • Drumheads by Remo, USA

Premier Percussion