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3.5 Octave Padouk Xylophones
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The 3.5 octave xylophone is available in two options; with portable frame or cased. It is ideal for conservatoires, schools, band rooms and students, offering excellent sound quality, durability and portability.


  • 02PX350                      
    3.5 Octave Xylophone (F4 – C8)
  • 02PX350C                       
    3.5 Octave Cased Xylophone (F4 – C8)


  • Padouk note bars
    Width: 38mm / Thickness: 20mm
  • Note range: F4 – C8
  • Height adjustment (02PX350): 790-845mm
  • Elegant, silver arched resonators (02PX350 only)
  • Braked castors (02PX350 only)
  • Pair of mallets included
  • Cover included (02PX350 only)
  • Pitch: A=442Hz
  • Folding frame
    Frame length: 1350mm / Frame width: 560mm (low end) 320mm (high end)
  • Case model includes hard-wearing portable case with carry handle
    Case length: 1290mm / Case width: 630mm (low end) 275mm (high end) / Case height: 122mm
    Weight: 10kg

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