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Premier’s professional range of specialised vibraphone mallets have been made to the highest of standards. Expertly designed with great response and feel, Premier mallets are the first choice for many of the worlds top players.


Maple Shaft

  • 950152  
    Hard Vibraphone Mallets
  • 950153  
    Medium-Hard Vibraphone Mallets
  • 950154  
    Medium Vibraphone Mallets
  • 950155  
    Medium-Soft Vibraphone Mallets

Rattan Shaft

  • 950156  
    Hard Vibraphone Mallets
  • 950157  
    Medium-Hard Vibraphone Mallets
  • 950158  
    Medium Vibraphone Mallets
  • 950159  
    Medium-Soft Vibraphone Mallets


  • Maple or rattan shaft
  • 390mm length

Premier Percussion