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4.0 Octave Honduras Rosewood Xylophone
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With its marvelous tone, the 4.0 octave xylophone is an instrument to be proud of. Featuring high-quality Honduras rosewood note bars, hand-tuned in the UK, the xylophone provides the perfect sound in any musical situation.
The frame is fully height adjustable for the player and features silver aluminium graduated resonators.
The Orchestral Series 4.0 octave xylophone provides an inimitable sound adored in concert halls. The warm yet striking tone of this instrument makes it perfect for symphonic, brass bands, multi-percussion and solo repertoire.


  • 02RX400 
    4.0 Octaves Xylophone (C4 – C8)

When ordering this instrument, please specify your desired tuning from A440 (A0), A442 (A2) or A443 (A3). For example: 02RX400/A2.


  • Honduras rosewood note bars, hand tuned in the UK
    Graduated width: 54-38mm / Graduated thickness: 25-22mm
  • Note range: C4 – C8
  • Height adjustment: 800-920mm
  • Elegant, silver arched resonators
  • Braked castors
  • Pitch: A=442Hz (A=440 and A=443 available upon request)
  • Frame length: 1640mm / Frame width: 850mm (low end) 330mm (high end)

Premier Percussion