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2.5 Octave Aluminium Alloy Glockenspiel
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Glockenspiels are symphonic bells primarily used in orchestras and symphonic wind bands but also common in pop music today. The note bars are aluminium alloy, with great sustain and bright sound.


  • 02AG250 
    2.5 Octave Glockenspiel (G5 – C8) 


  • Aluminium alloy note bars
    Width: 32mm / Thickness: 10mm
  • Note range: G5 – C8
  • Hard wearing portable case
  • Mini rubber pegs for minimum contact
  • Pair of mallets included
  • Pitch: A=442Hz
  • Folding glockenspiel stand available separately (6804)
  • Case length: 825mm / Case width: 523mm (low end) 280mm (high end) / Case height: 112mm
  • Weight: 10kg

Premier Percussion