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Joe Lazarus of Voodoo Six

Hey guys! 

My name is Joe Lazarus and i’m a proud Premier player. They’ve asked me to write a little blog about my musical endeavour's so here’s my best shot!

I’m extremely honoured to be part of the Premier family and I play an Elite Series kit with a black sparkle finish. It’s a beautiful set of drums and it sounds monstrous. I also use Paiste Cymbals, Protection Racket cases and Vic Firth sticks. I’m very thankful to Premier for giving me such a lovely kit. I’ve grown a sort of emotional attachment to it, every drummer will back me up on this, when you find a kit that’s perfect for you, it just feels amazing haha! My very first proper kit was a Cabria which my Dad bought for me when i was about 11 and it's still going strong to this day.

I play drums for Voodoo Six and The Worldonfire. I was lucky enough to have supported Iron Maiden on their European tour this year with Voodoo Six. It was a three month trek in which we traveled over 20,000 miles, visiting 18 countries and played to over 300,000 people. It was quite an unforgettable experience! 

So many people ask me about stories from the tour and the funniest anecdote I can offer is this. We were traveling around in an old tour bus that used to belong to Elton John, that’s not the funny bit by the way. Enroute to a show in Lisbon, Portugal, one of the roof air conditioning units came off while we were on the motorway, leaving a gaping hole in the roof. As it was so hot on the bus we couldn’t just block the hole because there was no air circulating and we would all die. We thought, it’s the summer in southern Europe, we’ll be fine! Sure enough, we hit a massive storm a few days later and i awoke to my guitarist, Chris, plugging the hole with a duvet on his head. I’m laughing as I write this just remembering the image. 

Right now we are having dates booked for our own European tour in Spring 2014, probably do some festivals and maybe even heading back into the studio for album number three, see what happens. I can’t sit still i’m always excited to get out on the road, I get withdrawal symptoms.! Basically, if i’m playing drums, i’m happy.

I listen to a lot of 70’s stuff, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, that’s where most of my drumming influences come from. I’m also a massive Iron Maiden fan, Nicko is the reason I play drums, it’s that simple. I used to watch him as a kid 24/7 and i’m incredibly grateful to him for helping me over the years. My favourite band are Oceansize, sadly split up now but if you haven’t heard this band there is something missing in your life and it’s Oceansize. Check them out now, thank me later. I was actually fortunate enough to record some tracks with Mike Vennart and Gambler from Oceansize for their side project ‘British Theatre’ which was pretty surreal for me and great fun. Definitely one of my proudest moments, alongside supporting Iron Maiden of course :)

I think i’ve bored everyone enough reading this (probably only my mum). That’s all for now! 


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