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Ged Lynch guest blog

Ged Lynch guest blog

Hey everyone, just a note to stay in touch.

I've just spent most of the year touring with Clannad, David Rhodes and Birdy while Peter Gabriel takes a hiatus from the 'new band' and goes out with 'the old band'.

As far as playing is concerned I've been enjoying the jump into odd time signatures, an area I've had relatively little call for. I confess i was initially reticent but as with most situations preparation is all... It started last year covering for the fabulous Andy Gangadeen with the 'Imagined Village' and then a tranche of work with Simon Emmerson of 'Afro-Celts' fame.

Then onto recording and some shows with David Rhodes in Europe...a totally different approach ,intense, sparse, minimal and well...quite violent at times...using a 24" bass drum was a righteous a controlled musical way of course!

With David I was lucky enough to be elected to drive through the centre of Rome at close of business...I recommend this accompanied with calm friends and a sense of humour...hilarious.

The 'Birdy' Australian shows were fun..I love the singer/songwriter gigs...a chance to pour yourself into a song with a great singer is the reason I still love to play the drums...she is amazing...I rarely gush but she's great.

During the summer I was recording for Clannad in the Wicklow Mountains which was a joy...Ceiron the bass player played on my favourite Van Morrison album so it was one of those 'get in' takes and too much fun.

I have to thank Premier for the gong reached the stage where I had to suggest it shouldn't be on every piece we recorded..serious low-end behaviour.

So a few festivals in Europe then away again to the US and Japan, Australia and New Zealand and home for Christmas.

Hope all is well with all you good people.

All love, Gedxx

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